4 Reasons to Buy Wine by the Case Instead of by the Bottle

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When most people pick up wine, they usually just grab a bottle or two at a time. However, you might want to think about buying wine by the case instead. A case usually includes either a dozen or half a dozen bottles of the same wine – six is more likely for premium bottles, while others usually come as twelve.

While buying by the case might not seem too attractive at first, doing so actually comes with a number of compelling benefits. Here are just four.

1. You'll Save Money

Yes, a case of wine is going to cost more than a bottle, but since you're buying in bulk, the overall price of each bottle in your case is almost always going to come in lower than the same wine would cost by the bottle. As such, you can actually save money in the long run by investing in a case of your favourite wine. This is especially attractive if you enjoy more premium wines but want to control your costs. Just a 10 per cent discount can make a big difference when you're looking at premium wines.

2. You'll Have Wine on Hand

Buying by the case usually works best when you go for a wine you already know you enjoy and like having on hand. Instead of having to pop to the shops whenever you run out, you'll simply need to grab a bottle from your case. This is great, whether you find yourself fancying a glass at the end of a long day or unexpectedly find yourself having to entertain a bunch of friends.

3. You Can Let Your Wine Age

Wine is one of the few things that can actually get better with time. Unfortunately, it's often hard to give your favourite wine time to evolve when you only buy one or two bottles at a time. Buying by the case means the last few bottles you get to will have had a chance to reach their fullest level of complexity and nuance. In fact, you could have noticeably different experiences between the first bottle and the last bottle.

4. You Can Get It Right to Your Door

Ordering online is much easier when you're picking up more than one bottle, so buying by the case usually means you'll have it sent to you instead of having to pick it up yourself. Better yet, online sellers will often make it easier for you to enjoy membership advantages and benefit from sales. You can also choose subscription services to make things even more convenient. Look at an online wine shop to find out more.

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